Pledge allegiance to the struggle
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TRUE BLOOD meme: Four deaths [2/4] - Salome Agrippa

Lilith…chose wisely.

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They made me a convenient villain, a symbol for dangerous female sexuality. But I was just a girl, with a severely fucked up family.

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I took the stars from my eyes, and then I made a map, and knew that somehow I could find my way back. Then I heard your heart beating

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#Nora Gainesborough #Salome Agrippa #True Blood #Nora #Salome #posting this partly b/c I like this psd on True Blood caps and partly so I can ramble in the tags about these two #I find their relationship so interesting #it's clear they're very close and that Nora idolizes Salome #but what I want to know is when/why/how that happened #I think Salome took Nora under her wing when she entered the Authority; there's quite a mentor/student vibe with these two #but it goes beyond that #I think Nora looks to Salome for guidance and approval #and I have to wonder what that has to do with Godric #did she turn to Salome when Godric abandoned her? #and I don't mean he actually abandoned her I mean she percieved it that way because suddenly he wasn't the maker she knew #when he found God and she had a crisis of faith did she turn to Salome? #to someone who was once close to Godric or held similar views to those Godric once did in order to find solace? #to have retain some semblance of her identity; remind herself that vampires were hunters born for greatness? #did Salome take advantage of their relationship to convert Nora to her cause or did she seek it out? #so many questions #but I think Godric definitely factors into this somewhere #he was the make and will probably be the break of their relationship #which I will enjoy watching play out on screen but also a little bit sad because I kind just want Nora and Salome to take over the world #vicious vampire queens #WITH ADORABLE FACES #anyway end tag vomit #par moi

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