The only thing straight is my drink
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The Original siblings being their charming selves in S4.

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“Always And Forever.

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 Rebekah + cute scenes with her siblings

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family portrait


family portrait

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Claire Holt & Joseph Morgan: Originals photoshoot bts

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“There are always worse things waiting. You think you have seen the most terrible thing, the one that coalesces all your nightmares into a freakish horror that actually exists, and the only consolation is that there can be nothing worse. Even if there is, your mind will snap at the sight of it, and you will know no more.
But there is worse, your mind does not snap, and somehow you carry on. You might understand that all the joy has gone out of the world for you, you might wish you were the one who was dead - but you go on. You might realize that you are in a hell of your own making, but you go on nevertheless. Because there is nothing else to do.”

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originals + sister

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Anonymous requested: The Originals & Alcohol

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we are the original family, and from us all vampires were created