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The Elena Fashion Diaries
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Elena Gilbert +boobs

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"How do we look exactly alike?"

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Anonymous asked:

Can you talk about how much you love Elena for a minute? What about her as a character makes you love her, and throughout each season and her character development, what makes you happiest about being an Elena stan?


We first see her as a 17 year old girl whose just lost her parents. This girl who feels as if she has nothing, and would honestly be more content, not living at all. But she has to - she’ll start over, be someone new. She clings to this hope that she can build herself back up - that one day, if she says it enough times, she really will be genuinely okay. And who, at one point or another doesn’t feel that way?

Right away she’s made out to be this selfless, compassionate girl, but there are so many facets beneath that. And you get to see those begin to reveal themselves slowly as the show progresses. She’s hypocritical, self-denying, manipulative, empathetic, cynical, and co-dependent.

Literally, Elena’s only purpose in life was to be used in a sacrifice. A girl born to die. Her body and face aren’t even her own - she’s just a carbon copy. The doppelganger curse was originally made out to be where the Petrova’s die, and that’s in. But somehow, that changed. It’s turned into this curse not against Klaus, but the Petrovas themselves, in which they themselves can never die, but everyone else they care about will. Life is their curse, and death is their bitch.

Elena’s fate had always been predetermined - rather by the own nature of her history, or the Salvatores and those trying to protect her. But in season 4, with this no humanity arc, she legitimally reclaims herself. The previous three seasons were spent with her trying to do the right thing - to try and live up to these expectations of who everyone thought she was. But she was over it - she said fuck the rules, fuck everyone else. For the first time in two years, she was finally getting angry for everything that had happened, finally lashing out as you know she’s wanted to all along. 

She’s not this sweet, little, doe eyed angel. Underneath all that innocence, there is a conniving, manipulative, almost vindictive person, and to get to see those facets, and understand those different levels - it’s absolutely perfect. From a writer’s standpoint, she is almost the most perfect character, because that’s just it, she’s most definitely not perfect.

She’s definitely not your average heroine. If she could even still fit into a hero archetype, it’d be that of a tragic hero, as she is so flawed, and those flaws are what keep her from always doing the right thing. She does the wrong thing, more than the right, and because she’s only 18, the story allows her to do that. She’s supposed to make mistakes, she’s supposed to fall apart - not be some beacon of light for the others. 

From the other Elena stans I know, we all sort of connect with her on this very personal and emotional connection, after her realistic bouts of mental illness. Her story, and development hasn’t been an easy one - it’s a constant roller coaster, up and down line graph, but it’s continually progressing forward, and always for the better of Elena herself.

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Katherine + the tvd girls

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Elena + (some of) her hairstyles

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